Raising funds to build transitional housing for high functioning young adults with Autism. 
The Hope for Autism Foundation was founded in 2009 by two sisters, Lisa Follmer-Gagnon and Lori Kinjorski.  Lisa is the proud mother of Harrison who was diagnosed with autism at the young age of 2 years old.  Lori is the proud mother of Gabby who was also diagnosed with autism at age 5.  Both families continue to fight each day against the battle with autism and the desire to raise strong independent children who are faced with many challenges. As they continue to teach their children, they built a strong desire to help other children faced with the same challenges ... This is the vision behind The Hope for Autism Foundation! 

The Hope for Autism Foundation was developed to help build a future for children affected by autism.  The goal for Hope for Autism is to raise funds to build transitional housing for high functioning autistic young adults.  These homes will offer a source of independence for young adults by providing a small apartment with the freedom to function on their own along with the support to transition into society.  Additional programs will be offered including education on general housekeeping, bill paying, social interactions, job search support, transportation and overall all aspects of being able to live alone and feel comfortable doing so. 
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