Raising funds to build transitional housing for high functioning young adults with Autism. 

Meet the Hope For Autism Foundation

The foundation was formed by two sisters Lisa Follmer-Gagnon and Lori Follmer-Kinjorski in late 2009.  Both sisters are greatly affected with autism in their lives.   Both their son and daughter have high functioning autism.  Lisa’s son Harrison is 6 years and recently has undergone intensive ABA therapy and still continues to use this therapy into their home. We hope that the foundation will generate awareness along with our goal to have our first local facility in five years.   We are excited about building the foundation for the children and the families that are affected with autism.  At this time, there are limited opportunities for our families in the autism community.  We are honored to help support these efforts and know that we will be making a difference in many peoples life.

Lisa Follmer-Gagnon, President

Lisa Follmer-Gagnon is the co-founder of the Hope for Autism Foundation.  After the diagnosis of autism for her son at the age of 2 1/2 years old- she spent many worried days in grievance.  Living in the “Autism Black Hole” as Lisa refers to it- where there is little direction, no insurance coverage and literally not being able to face the word autism.  Lisa decided she will do the best job ever to help her son Harrison recover through therapy, diet and the drive to continue to seek the best help available for her son. However, the most outstanding question that is in her mind along with many other parents that are affected with autism- If he does not recover what will happen to him when I am gone?   Knowing that the autism world is so far behind in many factors-she knows that there is a great need for transitional living out of the parents home when the children become adults which is a must for their independent development. Lisa is the owner and operator of Follmer Insurance Services for the last ten years located in Brighton, MI and resides in Commerce, MI.

Lori Kinjorski, Vice-President
Lori is the Co-Founder of the Hope for Autism Foundation. Along with her husband Jeff, they wanted to ensure the best possible future for their daughter Gabby. Once the initial shock of diagnosis was over, it became apparent that the need for future planning was great and it extended far beyond their own family. Once Lori began the journey advocating for Gabby, she met many other families struggling with the same concerns about how their child would eventually transition to adulthood. How will they manage to live on their own? What support system will they need? Along with the rest of the board, Lori is excited to do the work necessary to help families solve for these issues in the future.

Marcy Hornsby-Mohr,  Foundation Instigator

Marcy Hornsby-Mohr is known as the Foundation Instigator for her constant push to provide homes for high functioning autistic children.  Her passion stems from her relationship with Lisa Follmer. Lisa and Marcy have been friends for 25 years and have developed a relationship much like a sisterhood. Marcy's love for both Harrison and Gabby is her fuel behind helping to create a brighter future for both of them and your children - she wants to see them all be able to live independently and experience the life that they deserve. Marcy is the owner of Your Insurance Solutions Agency in Wolverine Lake, MI. She has a background in sales and marketing and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. She resides in Wolverine Lake with her husband Ralph and daughter Kylie, who are both very involved with the charity. 

Sherette Mickles, Treasurer

Mickles is a small business owner.  Her background includes over 25 years in accounting.  Prior to starting her own bookkeeping company Sherette worked for both large and small CPA firms.  She has also served as treasurer for the Milford Garden Club.Sherette recognized the need in the foundation for a person with her background in accounting and bookkeeping and felt this was an opportunity to be a part of a great cause.

Kimberly Niemiec Graziosi, APR - Secretary

Foundation Co-Founders Lisa and Lori are Kim's childhood friends.  Their children, along with another friend's daughter, have autism.  Kim has witnessed her friends' concerns for their childrens' futures and is dedicated to helping individuals with autism lead meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding lives. Kim has a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Michigan State University and is accredited in public relations.  She has more than 20 years experience in nonprofit management, marketing, public relations and special events.  She is currently the Development and Marketing Director for ALS of Michigan in Southfield.
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